I'm Emily Jane

A fine art film wedding photographer residing in Los Angeles, CA. Photographing worldwide.

Born and raised in Michigan. My love for photography started young while playing dress up with friends and doing photoshoots with my parents point-and-shoot camera. I then started my photography business in High School and never looked back. While on a journey of what I thought my destination would be fashion photography, I fell in love with documenting wedding days and following my clients into their new lives. I quickly learned that wedding photographs are the only thing that gain value as time passes and the memories I document become more precious. 

I go into each shoot with the same intention, whether it be a wedding day, a family session or an engagement session; and that is to document and preserve the love and moments for future generations to look back on.

I am now based in Southern California but I travel to Michigan and around the country for weddings and portrait shoots monthly.